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We’re in unprecedented times, and many aspects of our daily lives have changed. The habit of social distancing and working from home seems to be just at the beginning of it, and we all know how hard physically and mentally this is going to be for us as social beings. But in every drastic situation, there’s the need to find the silver lining and adjust to it the best way we can as humans.

The pain caused by the devastating number of deaths, infections and economic recessions across the globe during this outbreak cannot be overstated, but there’s also the need to stay strong enough to see the light at the end of this tunnel. On March 23, the UK announced a complete lockdown that banned people from leaving their homes or meeting in groups of more than two people with a very small number of exceptions; one of which is cycling. Bicycle shops that were also exempted from the store closure have reported an increase in business as individuals are now avoiding public transport and “staying mobile by cycling rather than risk infection on public transport such as the trains, tubes, and buses.” It is crucial to realize that cycling to avoid infection isn’t the only essential aspect of cycling, but rather, to the entire cycling ecosystem. Individuals are turning to cycle and volunteering to run errands for others via cycling, and others have also resorted to cycling solo to relieve them of stress to stay healthy during these times. Along with all of its widely known but overlooked benefits, cycling is now considered as one of the best ways to stay physically active and mentally stable. And due to the significant decrease in moving vehicles on our roads, people with road safety concerns regarding cycling could easily resort to cycling now more than any other time.

This is where we come in as Uni Cycle Solutions. At Uni Cycle Solutions, we seek to do just what our company’s name depicts; we provide cycle solutions needed to encourage individuals to pursue sustainable transport as a preferred mode of future mobility.

According to an article published by ‘The Guardian’ on April 2nd, the current lockdown in place has resulted in an increase in air quality index across England and other parts of the world, but it is far less than what is expected of from the UK to achieve its zero-emission target by the year 2050. What is more fascinating and hopeful is that our current circumstances have the capacity to aid in achieving this global feat with little or less effort if proactive measures are put in place.

The public sector, including municipalities, private sectors, and not-for-profit organizations can help us make the world a much better place after this pandemic if they join hands with us to invest in cycling infrastructure now!

There is a need to be proactive now more than ever, and we can only do it together as a community. Just like Bill Gates mentioned from last Friday’s episode of The Daily Show, it’s worth every penny investing in the future now than later.

We need to change our ways of life, and there’s no better time to easily adapt to a changing habit than when it is life-saving. One needs less than 30 days to adapt to a new habit. Far from the noise and pollution of motorized traffic, cycling will bring enormous benefits to our stressed-out societies, and timely intervention to encourage its usage will drive profound societal change for a better future.

With our smart bicycle racks which eliminate bicycle theft and our integration of cycling services within our mobile app, we have the capacity to encourage cycling at all levels to connect and transform cities into smart ones for a brighter future by making cycling secure, easy and suitable for everyone.

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